Every cyclist needs a good fit..!! Nobody is too much of a beginner or too advance as a cyclist when it comes to getting a bike fit. It's a fundamental in cycling that needs to be addressed to allow the body to function as naturally, and as effectively, as possible on a bicycle.

Every cyclist is different in terms of leg strength, body build, size, etc; and yet everyone fundamentally functions in the same way when on a bicycle. Being stable and fluid on the bike is the key to good performance and endurance.

Bike fitting process observes how your body performs pedaling motion on bicycle, then we'll match the bicycle to you! Ergonomic factors like how the shoes come in contact with your pedals, to the shape of handlebar curvature and saddle designs, all of these will be scrutinized during the bike fitting process to ensure a proper match to your body.

Of course not forgetting Solid Gear pedaling and Posture Reset techniques that i've developed to help cyclists re-develope cycling muscle memory to ensure optimized efficiency across the whole body to reduce wasting of energy in "fighting" the bike.

Each fit is different. Each customer is unique.

Full-time professional bike fit service since 2014, with over 1500 recorded fits done-to-date, we’re ready to tackle any cycling issues you encounter! Contact us today!

Thanks very much. Ride-safe and have fun..!!


Across the years I've gathered common fitting issues encountered and recorded them on my blog to share it out publicly, these info are helpful to all cyclists from beginners to seasoned riders as well. Some of my written articles are first published by Cycling Malaysia Magazine and later featured here with permission.

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 My friends told me that pain will go away when I cycle more, is that true?

Pain and soreness are warning signs that your joints and muscles are working beyond their natural movement range, continue to cycle forcefully will lead to serious damage and long term injury. The cause can be due to a bad bike fit, or improper cycling technique. 

Little Rock Bike Fit Posture

 My bike will sway dangerously when I turn my head to look left/right, and my shoulders and neck are very tense and sore, is this normal?

This means there's too much body weight distributed towards the front. With a good fit, upper body should feel relaxed and agile when handling the bike. During fit session, mock-up handlebar of different sizes and fit-stem are used for finding optimum cockpit setup.

Little Rock Bike Fit Mock Up Parts

My foot is always “hot” and will go numb after 10-20km of cycling, is this normal?

More than 90% of us have foot-tilt-angle (FTA) which causes the ball of foot to be slanting when pressed against pedal. This uneven contact pinches blood-flow at the foot and leads to hotness/numbness. We compensate this tilt by installing BIKEFIT specific sloping wedges onto cycling shoes.

Little Rock Bike Fit Foot Tilt Angle

My knees open wide when pedaling, and they hurt too, is it because I'm too fat?

No you're not! Everyone pedals with their legs at a natural angle that it's most efficient, however discomfort and pain occur when the hips, knees and shoes are not aligned to match. When a good natural alignment is achieved, we'll experience smooth and fluid pedaling circles. This reduces the "kink" angle at the knees, relieving tension at the joints. Minor cases can be solved by adjusting cleat positions and inserting washers at pedals, while serious ones can be solved with pedal extenders.

Little Rock Bike Fit Knee Alignment

One of my legs is shorter than the other, can this be corrected/adjusted?

We use BIEKFIT specific spacer shims to extend the cleat on shorter leg, so both of your feet will reach the bottom of stroke comfortably. I have successfully helped customers with up to 12mm (half inch) leg-length-difference to enjoy cycling again.

Little Rock Bike Fit Leg Length Difference

Constantly moving my butt around the saddle to look for a "sweet-spot", I heard pro-cyclists do the same, is this correct?

If you have to move back and forth, back and forth, repeatedly every few hundred meters to find a sweet-spot, this means you are not fitted to a proper seating position or your saddle design is not suitably matched to your pelvis. We have several saddles with different shape profiles that customers can test ride during fit session.

My friend as tall as i am went for a bike fit, I test rode his bike but it was not comfortable, how come? I thought cyclists of the same-height should ride same-size bikes?

Even though body height is the same, our body proportion and cycling capability are not identical, this leads to different cycling postures. Hence, the bike is fitted to match the owner and most probably not suitable for others.



Full-time professional fitter with over 1500 recorded fits since May 2014.

2017: PhysioBikeFit (AUS) Injury Prevention and Rehab.
2016: VelogicFit (NZ) 3D Motion Fit Analysis.
2014: BikeFit LLC (USA) Pro Level 1 Fitter.
2003: Uni. Wisconsin-Madison B.Sc. Electrical Engr.
2001: Accepted to Mensa Society.


Since young i have great interest in seeking solutions to any inefficiency issues. From wondering how a mouse should fit in the hands, to re-valving my MTB fork and rear shock using different sized drill bits to modify suspension rates, i just love to explore and make things work more efficiently.

After 8 years as an engineer and project manager in construction and aluminium manufacturing line, I transitioned to being a full-time independent bike fitter in May 2014. 

Since then, i have went overseas to attend courses from different bike fitting systems in Taipei, Taiwan, and Melbourne, Australia, to improve my knowledge and skills.

Starting in 2018, i have developed my own 3-day bike fitting course (BioMatch Bike Fitting) which covers beginner to advance topics after realizing that certain key information that's crucial to perform good fits (by understanding human motion on a bicycle) was not readily available on the market.    


Focusing entirely on bike fitting only and not attached to any brand sponsor or supplier, customers can be fitted with peace-of-mind knowing that my service and component recommendations are result-oriented and not sales-driven.


Foot-to-Pedal Interface. Foot-tilt-angle (FTA) and leg-length-difference (LLD) are measured and any abnormalities are compensated at the cleats, shoes and pedals using BIKEFIT specific wedges, shims and extenders. This eliminates hotfoot, toes numbness, and pain issues at the knees and ankles.

Dynamic Fitting. Cycling movement is observed in continuous manner by pedaling on turbo-trainer without the need to start-stop to obtain static measurements. Key to a good fit is to distribute body weight in good proportion across contact points (hands-to-handlebar, pelvis-to-saddle, foot-to-pedal), while having body joints and muscles operating within their natural extension range to prevent injuries. Each customer is uniquely fitted based on their capability and cycling goals. A detailed fitment report is provided for future reference.

Component Ergonomics. Handlebar, saddle, crank-length, shoes, pedal system, etc etc. Good fitting components will have shape and size that provides a stable contact between body and bike. A stable contact minimizes muscle strain and reduces friction, chaffing, bruises and pain. Samples are readily available for trial use during fit session. 

Fit-bike (Frame Geometry Simulator). A simulator that allows customers to test ride the exact frame geometry of their dream bike before placing order. Combined with fit-stem, handlebar and saddle samples, customers can accurately finalize components to be installed on their new bike without guesswork.

Cycling Technique Education and Bad Habit Checks. This is the basis for a good cycling experience. and included for all fit sessions.


Cleat Pedal Cyclists:

RM 450 to fit 1 road/mountain/hybrid bike with 1 pair of cleat shoes.

Compensation kits for foot-tilt-angle and leg-length-difference are included for 1st pair of cleat shoes.

Comes with free check-ups within first 6 months on same bike and same shoes.

Flat Pedal Cyclists:

RM 250 to fit 1 road/mountain/hybrid bike.

Comes with free check-ups within first 6 months on same bike and same shoes.

Top-up RM 200 in future when upgrade to cleat shoes.

Tri-Bike Cyclists:

RM 550 to fit 1 tri-bike with 1 pair of cleat shoes.

Compensation kits for foot-tilt-angle and leg-length-difference are included for 1st pair of cleat shoes.

Comes with free check-ups within first 6 months on same bike and same shoes.

Frame Sizing / Fit-bike Simulator:

RM 250 per session.

Information on suitable geometry will be provided after session completed, to be used as reference guide when purchasing or building up new bike. 

Note: This option is not a complete bike fit package. After purchasing or building up new bike, will need to arrange a separate session for a complete bike fit. 

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